TaylorMade Player Development Center Madison

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What is Gears Golf?

Gears Sports is the world's first optical 3D motion capture tracking system designed specifically for athletes, coaches, and other training professionals. With medical-grade accuracy and unparalleled visuals and performance, Gears Sports allows for an entirely new dimension of analytics and sports performance measurement.

An optical motion capture system uses high speed cameras to capture different angles of a golfer to create a full capture. GEARS is powered by up to eight 1.7 megapixel cameras running at 360 frames per second which look at over 600 images per swing to track everything that’s going on with the golfers body and the club. 

Learn more about Gears Golf 3D motion capture systems at Gearssports.com

Why Us

We have the only Gears Golf system in the state of Wisconsin and one of just a few dozen in the United States.  

We have the power of TaylorMade Golf, The #1 Performance Brand in the World, Nevada Bobs Golf, Vitense Golfland, and the Vitense Golf Academy teaming up with Wisconsin Golfers and Wisconsin Golf Professionals to do one thing, further the development of Golf in the state of Wisconsin.