TaylorMade Player Development Center Madison

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Common Questions

  1. What is MAT-T Fitting

    MAT-T stands for Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade.  Please see our "About Us" page for a detailed description of the MAT-T System

  2. What type of fitting services do you offer?

    We offer a multiple fitting options that include the MAT-T system as well as more traditional "low tech" fitting options using equipment such as lie boards, shaft optimizers, demo products and launch monitors.

  3. Do I have to buy golf clubs?

    When you come for a fitting, you are not committing yourself to purchasing anything other than the fitting services you have signed up for.  If you do decide to make a purchase, sales can be done through Nevada Bobs Madison or through your home club (See Description of HUB)

  4. What does HUB mean?

    HUB is a program that allows members of golf clubs to be "sponsored" by their golf professional for their fitting.  It allows for the Development Center to preform the fitting for the service fee and for the player to purchase their golf clubs through their golf professional if they desire.  Golfers must have their golf professional schedule the appointment for them in order to qualify for HUB pricing.

  5. What happens during poor weather?

    The TaylorMade Player Development Center Madison is housed at Vitense Golfland on Madison's westside.  The facility is an all-weather facility capable of producing a comfortable and relaxing environment during hot and cold temperatures as well as sunny or rainy/snowy skies.  Fittings are never weather dependent.

  6. What type of golfer's benefit from club fitting?

    All golfer's regardless of ability will benefit from custom club fitting.  Any player will benefit when their golf clubs are designed to fit the game they play.  Improperly fit golf clubs can and will lead to poor shots that many times may not be the result of a poor golf swing.

  7. What happens if I change my swing?

    Many times golf clubs may be altered after purchase to fit the changes you may make to your game through practice, golf lessons, etc.  Golf clubs are designed to be adaptable in many cases to players as they adapt.

  8. If I improve, won't my fitting be inaccurate for my new game?

    If a player improves after their fitting then first of all congratulations, that was the purpose of being fit in the first place wasn't it?  Secondly, golf clubs many times may be altered to fit the improved golf game you now have.  Finally, if you have improved so dramatically that your clubs can't be altered to fit your new game, every golfer's goal, then you will have to come in to be refit and repurchase new clubs (something we have yet to hear a complaint on  :))

  9. Is TaylorMade the only brand available for testing?

    No, We have all makes and models available for testing.  We have more than 25,000 hittable combinations waiting for you to test with.

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